Loft Bedroom Reveal~

This post is sponsored (in-part) by IKEA.

It's about time!! 

The loft bedroom is finally finished!

And since I don't want to keep you waiting any longer...

Here is the loft space BEFORE

And  here is the loft BEDROOM AFTER

Read all about it after the break...

You may recall that the idea for turning the loft space into a bedroom space occurred to me several months ago when Boy One was pining for a room of his own.  But since the space wouldn't really fit a traditional bed, I had to come up with a bed that would work.  So I decided to create a bed that would look built-in (but wasn't really because we live in a rental)  and would provide a ton of storage.  I came up with a sketch which my father was then able to build - to perfection I might add.

Since the bed was a non-standard size, I had to alter a mattress to fit it.  I talk about how I accomplished that task in this post.

After that, we slowly started to put the room together by creating custom art out of scrap wood and putting the finishing touches on the space this past weekend.

The space is petite, but we made the most of it.  The drawers under the bed offer plenty of storage for clothes, books and other miscellaneous items.
The room looking straight on from the stairs.

The left side of the room with custom made artwork that I will tell you about in a future post.

Because the loft is an open space, we added curtains for privacy.  We attached them to the ceiling using an ingenious solution that I'll share with you an in upcoming post.  The cute sconce above the bed is the Hektar sconce from IKEA. I had originally wanted to use the Barometer desk lamp (also from IKEA) in the space, but ended up changing my plans a bit, and the sconce works perfectly instead.
Here you can see the a peek of the curtains we put up for privacy.
I had envisioned using just one bookcase on the long wall, but the Hubby suggested two, and I'm so glad he did because I love the way they look side by side, and how they visually offset the fact that the window is not centered on the back wall. (Speaking of the window, I created the custom window treatment using Bjornloka fabric from IKEA - I'll share that process with you in a future post.)
We used LACK bookcases to display Boy One's collection of Legos and books (he's a huge Harry Potter fan can you tell?)

I found this darling alarm clock at IKEA too - are you sensing a trend, yet?  It's called the Dekad alarm clock and I adore it's vintage style.  It sits on the bookcases across from the head of the bed...but that is good because it forces Boy One to get out of bed to turn it off. ;-)

 Here's a close-up of one of Boy One's many Legos...

The hubby and I finished the room this past weekend while Boy One was at a birthday party.  And he was so excited when he came home...and even more excited to realize that the back wall is actually a chalkboard wall.  I created the chalkboard wall using a special trick that I'll share later.  And as you can see in this photo, the wood art which I asked you all to vote on ended up being hung vertically because it fit best in the space that way.

Here's a close-up of the FAB bedding in the space.  I'm in serious love with this bedding.  The "bedspread" is actually an Ursula throw from IKEA.  The euro pillows and the striped pillows are also from IKEA. (The Ursula cushion covers for the Euros and the Valborg cushion covers on the stipe pillows.)  The denim pillow was made by me several years ago, and the charcoal gray graphic pillows were purchased on Etsy.

I want to extend a HUGE thanks to IKEA Draper here in Utah for providing the following items to complete the loft bedroom:  The Lack bookcases, 2 of the Ursula Euro Cushion covers and  inserts, the Dekad alarm clock, and the Estrid curtain panels.  (The rest of the IKEA items were purchased by me because I just love their stuff so darn much and it fits my budget perfectly!)  And just my two cents worth, you'll note that this space is quite traditional in feel, and it incorporates a TON of IKEA items.  A lot of people tend to shy away from IKEA fearing that their items are too modern.  But this space proves that they can be easily incorporated into many different types of decor styles.  The Lack bookcases are quite modern, but I feel that a traditional space usually looks best when it incorporates a touch of modern.

I'll be following up in the next week with a few tutorials on how we hung the curtains, how we created the canvas art, how I created the window treatment and the trick I used to create the chalkboard wall.

If you missed any of the other posts on this room you can find them at these  links:

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DisclaimerIKEA provided me with some - not all-  of the IKEA items mentioned in this post, but the opinions I have expressed (in other words, my crazy LOVE for IKEA and their fabulous merchandise) are 100% authentic and my true opinions.  :-)

TDC Before and After


Personality Girl said...

I love how you have tailored everything to fit the space. Such a gorgeous colour scheme as well . . I can't get enough of greys at the moment!
B x


Custom Comforts said...

What a great makeover! You really made the most of a very small space and I'm sure your little guy appreciates it.

Nice things! said...

I love this transformation! It is wonderful!

Anne said...

awesome use of space! This looks fabulous!!

bonniegetchell said...

It looks amazing! I love all of the cute touches you got from IKEA! I'm obsessed with that store, too! :)

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The perfect boy room! I love it!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Fantastic, Wendy!! Love!!

ReRe said...

Love, love the space, especially the color scheme. Thinking of using greys and blues in a powder room makeover and that blue would be perfect for my cabinets. My space is a very petite space as well.

Tina said...

What a great space! Your father did a wonderful job on the faux built-in. Love it.

Jodi Stuber said...

What a great cozy yet functional space.. Well done!

Feisty Tapas said...

What a fantastic use of space. I love it!

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

I love how creative you were with the space!! Such a great little room of his own! Great job Wendy!!

Melissa Owczarzak said...

Love it, beautiful!! I have four boys and my youngest (3) is in ann odd annex room off two of my other boys' room. It's 8' by 16' just long and weird. It is in desperate need of a redo. I love yours!!


Leanne said...

This is amazing Wendy! I love how you were able to use this space and give him a room of his own. I love all the creative details you added.

Leanne said...

This is amazing Wendy! I love how you were able to use this space and give him a room of his own. I love all the creative details you added.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

What a great way to carve out a space for Boy One! Lucky kid :)

kirstin @ kojodesigns said...

LOVE the room! What a great use of space...
And I have a more-traditional-than-IKEA aesthetic as well, but love using IKEA in my decorating. Especially lately, I feel like they are expanding their offerings to fit many different design styles!
Way to go on the room!

Dear Emmeline said...

what an absolutely fabulous space! great job fitting it all in!

Heidi @ Honeybear Lane said...

This is awesome Wendy!! How creative you got, seriously. We should go to IKEA together sometime!

handmade_mama said...

Completely charming! I wish I had a tiny space in which to create such a cozy little room :). I hope your little guy loves it! Gotta love IKEA <3

Laura Miller said...

Stunning concept and fab use of space. Well done! xxx

CaSandra Perry said...

I love this loft! I have a small loft that I had no idea what to do with...Thanks for sharing.

Christy James said...

wow, you were able to squeeze all the function of a full sized bedroom into that tiny space. Well done! I'd love to go in there, close the curtains, and curl up with a book under that knit blanket. Have you hung out in there yourself yet? So cozy!!



Inspire Me Heather said...

That space looks amazing - I love the black chalkboard accent wall! I've got this linked to my boys rooms post too today, it's a keeper!