My obsessive-need-to-organize-everything-in-my-house-and-life phase~

Normally, my obsessive-need-to-organize-everything-in-my-house-and-life phase hits about mid-January. But this year, it started about mid-December. I don't know if it's because 2010 was a very rough year in our family and I was just ready to cleanse our life... or exactly why it started early, but I have been on an organizational rampage for the past few weeks.

This is good, because I have already accomplished some of my New Year's goals and it isn't even the end of December...and because it is going to give me a lot of blog content for you all in the upcoming weeks, but also because I have started to feel the satisfaction of life-control that organization brings. Do you know what I mean? Or am I the only one who feels more competent and in control when things are in their places?

via The Lettered Cottage

For example, I have already oganized my pantry cupboards. I have my new mudroom area 3/4 of the way finished. Here's a little sneaky-peek of the bench in it's almost-before state (I had actually started to prime it in this pic.) Wait until you see the after!

I have also almost completed the living room. I have gone through the kids rooms with them and organized. It's almost like a nesting phase...except that there are NO new little Hydes on the way. Let me repeat that...NO new little Hydes on the way. ;-)

Of course, there are lots of things still on the to-do list. There always are. Not the least of which are health-related. The hubby and I are entirely revamping our diet. With three little boys that have Alpha-1, and with the fact that we aren't getting any younger, we felt like it was high time that we took inventory of our food intake, and changed it for the better.

Are you still there? Bored yet?? Hope not.

Because along with all of the changes around our house and in our lives, I have been obsessing over the direction I want to take this here little old blog in the new year. Don't worry, it will still feel basically the same. After all, it is me....albeit a digital, edited version of me. ;-) But I have some fun ideas that I have been wanting to implement for a while, and I think that the new year is the perfect time for that. So look for a few FUN changes to be coming your way here on the blog. Things that will make it a little bit more me.

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Okay, if you actually read all of my rantings, you are a wonderfully loyal reader and you deserve a star on your forehead. If you just couldn't get through all of that, then you're not reading this sentence...but you are a wonderful reader too. ;-)

Coming your way tomorrow....my two Christmas presents....and how they changed my living room for the better. One of them rhymes with Bar Pet and the other rhymes with Toffee Mable...and I'm super excited to share them both...so y'all come back now, ya hear?



Julie said...

I have entered that phase too!--very well labeled, I may add. :) My only problem is that I had recent knee surgery so I move in slow motion. That too shall pass, however. Your blog is a favorite, and I look forward to upcoming posts--changes and all.

marian said...

Hi! What a fun to read post this was even if you were afraid of us not keeping tuned to read it all.
Well, I understand you COMPLETELY when it comes to wanting everything organized and feeling so much better then! COMPLETELY!!!
Looking forward to your next posts!

Christina said...

Haha so cute. I totally understand your "clean everything" phase right now!

Can't wait to see the bench reveal! :)

thopler said...

thank you for informing us about Alpha-1. I have never heard of that disease but I checked out your link and, wow.....thanks for letting your readers journey with you.

Katherine said...

Totally with you on the organising front. I have a desire every year just a day or so after Christmas Day to take down the decorations, clean from top-to-bottom and organise. My family joke that if they stand still for too long I may throw them out! Am currently reading Organized Simplicity - and it's making me all excited!


I can understand you as well. Quite a while I can stand things as they are and suddenly I grab a bucket and nothing stays uncleaned. This is almost a constraint ;)



Vintage Gal said...

I always feel better when everything is organized ~ Is that unusual? I don't think so ;0

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wendy, I wish you would come organize my house and life. I have got to do the same thing. My closets and the bonus room are a MESS. I can't wait to see you bar pet and toffee mable!

**Anne** said...

Hi Wendy,
I completely understand your need to get organised as it is one way we can control something when there are so many things in life we can't. I would like to get organised too but it just doesn't happen. :( Looking forward the slightly new direction your blog will be heading this next year (what a teaser) and of course all the great ideas your come up with.
Take care and love to you and yours,
Anne xx

Anna See said...

How exciting! Looking forward to the new year with you!

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Yeah, I am renaming this holiday season "Trauma 2010". Seriously!

I am a hard core organizer and I think there is a need to create order in your every day when there is chaos ensuing all around you. Our environment is the one thing we have the power to manage and cleaning for me is theraputic.

paige said...

hey girlie, i'm right there with ya!
i can't wait to hear your two gifts & how they were life changing!!

Delightful Order said...

I am so with you on the need-to-organize-everything-in-my-house! I feel the same way & am tackling it little by little too, and will be posting it as well..

Carol@SofasandSage.com said...

Hi Wendy, My house always seems to reflect the state of my mind, and right now, it's chaos wanting order!! I can related. Good for you to get a jump start. Me, I'm still in end of year looking forward to new year's mode!

V@WhimsyLamb said...

I'm with you. I already put up all my xmas stuff,tomorrow I am organizing my shed to put my xmas stuff back in. Ha.

Sara said...

I have related to everything you said!!!!

Crystal said...

I was just poking around my fave blogs looking for organization ideas! I feel you,I get more excited about organizing than about chocolate or new shoes!

Life with my sweeties said...

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Gracefully Vintage said...

LOVE the Picture, just Beautiful thinking of trying some faux brick behind my stove- Thanks for the Inspiration

I'm Denise~ said...

yup, so with ya on the mid December need to cleanse and organize!! I even went to the store today and started the healthier foods diet! :) (more clean foods...) Looking forward to reading your blog in the new year!

Mom in High Heels said...

Would you like to fly to Germany and organize my house? I've got enough to keep you very busy. I'm 23w pregnant and at the beginning of my "major nesting" phase, but with visitors here for the holidays (for another 2.5 weeks!), there's not much I can do and it's making me nuts. Plus, I'm still in the tired all the time phase. Boo.

Laura said...

I am going through the same cleansing/organizing phase! I don't know if it was the idea of new toys coming into the house or the long winter ahead, but I've been purging/organizing/revamping everything, including our basement which is storing waaaaay too many things we don't need.
I can't wait to see your projects & changes here!

Lisa said...

I know the feeling of needing to be organized! I feel that way a lot! And the best time to start fresh is the new year! I am with you! Good Luck!

Chrissy said...

Hi Wendy, glad to meet you, at least through your blog ;) I know exactly what you mean. I am looking forward to starting a clean slate in 2011. Hopefully, more organized and eating much healthier.
I can't wait to see what changes you are making.

Christy Wheeler said...

I think, for me at least, when it is Christmas time there are so many extra decorations in the house (which are wonderful for a few weeks) that as soon as Christmas is over I feel like I need to declutter and organize everything. I competely understand and am looking forward to accomplishing the same with my house.