Homemade Halloween~

Recently, the good people at Fox Chapel Publishing sent me a copy of their fun, family-oriented book, Homemade Halloween.

My kids love this book so much I have hardly been able to pry it out of their little hands since it arrived. And it's easy to see why.

Homemade Halloween is full of easy-to-create projects:

  • Great costumes that are easily made in just a few steps...and with NO SEWING!

  • A pattern is included for each and every project.

  • My kids really love the many pumpkin ideas and craft projects.

If that's not enough, the book also includes recipes, face painting instructions, and decorating ideas so you can throw your own Halloween Soiree.

And have you ever wondered how the Halloween holiday came to be? Well, this book will give you a little history.

We've really enjoyed the book so far...

Want one of your own? You can purchase them direct from the publisher here.

Legal stuff: I was provided with a copy of the book Homemade Halloween in exchange for my review.


Lacey said...

Hey! I'm officially following you! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Lacey said...

ps. pop over and check me out!


Taylor-Ann said...

Looks like a neat book. Thanks for the review!

Hope the men and YOU are doing well.


Holly said...

Hey that is too fun. The Chloe is ALWAYS looking for a new project, and I am liking that big witch on the door!! :)

LuLu said...

looks like a fun book, thanks for letting me know about it!
hope the week is treating you well,