Hey Homies!

Hi kids! I'm blogging on the road from somewhere in Ohio using the hubby's blackberry...so please forgive any typos (and the lack of photos)

Just wanted to pop in and say that my little old blog was nominated for a Homie award!!

Now here's the kicker...I don't know how to post a link from this phone, and I could really use the votes.

So if you have some time, track me down at the Homie awards and vote. Pretty please!


Kasey said...

the polls closed at noon!

LuLu & Co. said...

hope the drive is treating you well! Love the saucer picture!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Congrats! (I was nominated as well...what fun!)

creative gal said...


Laura said...

congratulations! i see from kasey above that the polls have already closed - i would have loved to vote for you! hope your trip is going well.

Sue said...

Have a sfae journey! The polls are closed so can't vote..sorry :-(

Just wanted to also let you know my two boys loved the firetruck pillows that you made for me . Thank you!
Sue in Canada