Halloween Pixies and Ghoulish Delights

Hi all you lovely bloggers out there! I am so excited about this little project that I can hardly stand it! Look at these cute Halloween Pixies I made over the weekend! Aren't they darling?!?!? The idea was kind of a hybrid between lovely things I've seen here and here. I love a little whimsy in my decorating and I think they certainly provide it!

I had to included these other photos so you could see some of the fun details (and their cute little faces.)

As for this ghoulish guy, One is at that age when Halloween decor should be scary. I, myself, am not into the scary stuff. But I did give in on this. One was with me at Michael's about a month or so back, and he wanted one of these styrofoam skulls so badly. I think it doesn't look that bad under my cloche. It's kind of Martha-ish, don't ya think?

Together with the pixies, it makes a fun little vignette. I think I need to get me another apothecary jar to make it look right, though. Remember the 3 and 1 rule that Kimba talked about here?

And finally, here's a fun little pumpkin I picked up TJMaxx. I got him for a discount because his balloon was loose. A little bit of hot glue fixed that. I'm always up for a deal!

I have a few more Halloween projects to come, so stay tuned!

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Literary Pumpkins!

I saw this darling idea on Shabby Vintage Chic, a fun blog I discovered last week! I had done several projects like this when I was a little girl, but never for Halloween! (think Christmas angels) I loved the idea of folded books as jack-o-lanterns, so I spent the better part of Saturday night folding all the pages in an old paperback novel. The Hubby thought I was absolutely nuts...but after seeing the finished project, he decided it was a great idea. I'm going to make this little guy a bunch of buddies. I didn't glue the face on very tightly because the Hubby and I both decided that jack-o-lantern and his buddies would look very sculptural gracing our bookcases after the holidays are over. So I'll just remove the faces and VOILA! Kari & Kijsa suggested a similar idea here.
And because I couldn't decide which photo of Jack I liked best, here are a few more!

As you may recall, I seem to have lost/misplaced a bunch of my fall decorations, so I am kind of starting from scratch for Halloween. So this last weekend, I really caught the crafting bug and I got to work creating a bunch of cute little goodies for Halloween that I will be sharing this upcoming week! Stay tuned...

Also, before I forget, I was tagged last week by The Hinesley House to list 6 random things about myself. I must admit, these sorts of things are always hard for me because I try and think of interesting stuff, and I always draw a blank. But here it goes anyway...

  1. I danced for 25 years, right up until I found out I was expecting One. I danced precision, ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom and even Irish Step! I thought of pursuing dance as a career, but I had a bad knee because of numerous injuries, so I worked in marketing/PR for a professional ballet company instead!

  2. I suffered from infertility problems for 5 years before the Hubby and I were finally able to conceive. I guess my body figured out how it all works, because now I have four kiddos!

  3. I am an obsessive/type A personality.

  4. I was named Wendy after the character in Peter Pan.

  5. All my childhood years, my parents took us a camping in a native American teepee. (It's a nice way to camp, plenty of room, and you can build a fire right in the tent - but it takes 2 hours to set up!)

  6. As a kid and a teenager I could never sleep in past 6 am no matter how late I went to bed. It was horrible at slumber parties, because I was the only one awake in the morning....for hours!

I'm not going to pass the tag on, but if anyone wants to play, please do so and leave me a comment so I can drop by your blog and see what fun things you have to say about yourself :-)

And finally, some bloggy love from Celita at The Spices of Life. Thanks Celita!

I hope to have the winner of last week's giveaway ready to announce tomorrow. I had over 100 people leave comments and you all had such lovely things to say! (WOW! You really made my day!) So thank you!!!


Pumpkin deals and repurposing

I went to Michael's earlier this week and they were having am awesome sale! I found some great candlesticks for 60% off! Yep, you read that right...60% off! So I snatched them up. Annnnnd, the faux pumpkins were 40% off. So I bought me a couple of creamy white ones. Then I copied all of you talented ladies out there in blogland and made me a couple of these...

I went back and forth over whether or not to paint the candlesticks black, but opted to leave them brown for now. They looked really cute with the brown and cream ribbon, and look how nice they compliment my little wooden shoe stay. (I still think I might paint them black closer to Halloween.)

I had to put this second photo in so you could get a better view of our cute rehabbed buffet. I love the green, but I've seen so many pretty white buffets lately, I'm wondering if I should paint it white. I could use your opinions if you want to leave me a comment :)

On another subject, remember this cute little banner from Two's birthday?

Well, I thought it was so cute that I couldn't just store it away. Oh no. I had to put it up in the boys' room. I think it looks really cute hanging over Three's crib. And now he has something interesting to look at when he's laying there quietly in his crib. Yeah right. He's my climber, remember? But should he chance to look up if he's laying down in his crib, he can admire the lovely banner his mommy so thoughtfully put there for him. ;-)


Shabby Chic at the Shabby Nest...

I love the Shabby Chic line that Rachel Ashwell has at Target. These sheets are on the Princess' bed. Aren't they pretty?

This clock is from her line too, but I bought it a couple of years ago. I love it's vintage look! The Princess loves the flowers on the face, and she LOVES to wind it up!

These beautiful roses aren't from Target, they just say "Shabby Chic" to me everytime I look at them. They were actually given to me by the Hubby for our last anniversary (in January)! I wish I could have fresh flowers in my house all the time. Sigh.

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Decorating for the Diaper Set

Some of you may remember my dining room.

This is what it looks like today.

The tagline for this blog says "decorating for real life". Well this is real life right now at the Shabby Nest! Three is now 18 months old and he has learned to climb. And boy does he climb. Even though I've had three others go through this stage before him, I've never had a climber like this. He climbs on everything! So the bar stools have taken up residence upside down, underneath the dining table. I used to put them right side up, but he figured out how to push them out from under the table and up to the kitchen peninsula. He'd then climb up and get himself right into the sink where he would promptly turn on the water and soak EVERYTHING! So now they are upside down. Thankfully, he's still much to small to turn them over. For some reason, he really doesn't push the chairs up to the peninsula... although occasionally I catch him trying. Then they take up residence in the living room. The container on the table is supposed to be holding some lovely fall mums, but let's just say, they won't fare well with Three pulling all their heads off. It currently houses some plastic toys and a few sea shells that he has put in there when he's been able to sneak away and climb up on the table. I can't wait for this phase to be over. In the meantime, I'm just holding my breath and hoping that he doesn't figure out how to climb the walls! ;-)


A project, a tutorial, (a boring post title)

I made this cute little Halloween project yesterday. First, I gathered up a few pieces of scrap wood, sanded the edges to make them smooth, and painted them with some white acrylic craft paint. Then I printed out the letters using 3 different fonts. I had to play around with the font sizes so that they ended up looking similar. I printed them out and cut them out by hand. Then I pulled out my trusty Mod Podge and decoupaged the letters on the squares. After they dried, I sanded the edges to distress them just a touch! That's it. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

They look cute sitting there with our creepy crawly bugs. We have a wonderful friend who did his PhD work in entomology at one of the Universities near us. When he graduated and moved away, he gave us these pinned bugs as a gift. I think they are awesome! Especially since they are behind glass..not crawling around my house ;-) But I thought that the word "eek!" was fitting sitting next to them...hee hee!

I have had a few people asking how I made the little 3D paper stars I have featured a couple of times. Well, first I want to say that I got the idea and instructions right out of the September issue of Family Fun Magazine. Give credit where credit is due, I always say. That said, I tried to find their instructions online and couldn't so here is my version of a mini-tutorial on how to make them.

1. Make sure you get heavy paper. Scrapbook paper works great, but from my experience, printer paper doesn't work as well.
2. Cut the paper into strips 1/2" wide by approximately 11" long. I used 12x12 scrapbook paper and I left the strips 12" long... it doesn't really matter as long as they are at least 11" or so.

3. Begin by folding one strip into a "knot".

4. Cut the tail off so that it is flush with the edge of the "knot".

5. Begin folding the paper following the angles of the "knot"...continue folding until you have a pentagon.

6. Tuck the remaining edge into one of the folds.

7. Then with your thumb and pointer finger simple "squish" the corners. As long as the paper is heavy weight it will puff out into a little star!

That's it! Aren't they adorable?

OH, and one final thing...Next week is my 50th blog post so I'll be doing my first giveaway! Make sure you stop by and enter!!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend~


So I guess I like stars

I was having one of those days when I just couldn't get inspired. I sat here staring at the computer screen, and I didn't have a clue what to share with my lovely blogging friends today. So I decided to look through my photos. There seemed to be a recurring theme. Let's play the "can you find the thing that is the same in these pictures?" game.

Hmmm...do you think I might like stars? Just a thought.

Is there something that you find yourself drawn to repeatedly when you decorate?


Absolutely Autumn

I never did find that box that had the remainder of my Autumn decor...hmmm. But I couldn't let that stop me. I'm working on a pretty tight budget this year, so I had to get a little creative. I'm slowly spreading the glow of Autumn through the house. Here are a few of the things I've come up with...

Stuffed some autumn leaves in an old canning jar we got from the Hubby's grandma. (yes, the leaves are fake...and from the dollar store...but the Hubby asked me if they were real when he first saw them...honestly.)

Love my Japanese Lanterns on top of the entertainment armoire...they play off the dark red roman shades beautifully (very autumn-y).

These cute wooden pears and acorns came from the dollar section in Target. They look so festive in this pretty glass vase with some autumn-hued ribbon tied around.
Of course who can resist dark chocolate m&m's in autumn shades? mmmmm good.
Don't they look pretty sitting together?

I got this idea from another blogger, but I'm afraid I can't remember who it was (if you are that person, please leave me a comment so I can give you credit). I am loving white pumpkins and gourds this year, and they look so cute on top of these candlesticks and blend nicely with some of my other white decor.

I started to add a little Autumn to the outside of the house too. I put some pretty miniature pumpkins and gourds in my window baskets and surrounded them with more of those dollar store leaves (all of our real leaves are still green). One day soon I'm going to go get some Mums and some Pumpkins and get me some SERIOUS fall decor going on out there! But until then, these little baskets will do the job nicely.

Happy Autumn!


Birthday Business

Number Two turns three-years-old this week. So we had his birthday party on Saturday. We were very busy preparing. I made this.

And the kiddos and I made these.

Yes, Two is a big Spongebob fan. He loves "Bungebob Fairpants". And even though I'm not sure how my two-(soon to be three) year-old's obsession with a strange little yellow sponge reflects on my parenting, I couldn't help but indulge him a little bit when it came to his birthday party. And really, aren't these little Spongebob cupcake toppers cute? Happy Birthday to my little man!